Bära Barn Ring Blåklint och Mint

Children like to be close. Children need to be close. It is one of the keys to make them that happy, content and peaceful only other’s children seem to be. And of course there is no hocus-pocus behind that. It is because of the ”peace-and-quiet-hormone” oxytocin that is released in the body when touched.

Oxytocin is good in many ways. For example premature babies develop faster when carried much compared to if they are placed in a incubator. Many neonatal units have realised this and encourage parents to carry their babies as much as possible. It is also said that you live longer if you get lots of hugs. Maybe there is something magical about the oxytocin after all.

The Bära Barn slings suit every child, from the smallest newborn up to approx. 3 years. Or beyond. It becomes that friend you can always trust. Today we know that the list of benefits of carrying your baby in a sling is long. And the sling alternatives are many; from the traditional knot shawls and wraps to ring slings and newer hybrids between slings and carriers. Bära Barn has both knot shawls and ring slings in many designs. Cliché-alert: There is one for everybody.